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Shower Door Installations In Brooklyn, NY

shower with towel barFor visually appealing and high quality shower enclosures, you can always look to Brooklyn Shower Doors. We have over 25 years of experience designing, fabricating, and installing completely custom enclosures fit for any setting.

You name it, we have finished just about any type of project requested. However, our most common projects usually fall into three different categories.

Shower Door/Enclosure Replacement/Repair

French door showerIn this scenario, our customer has an old, moldy shower that he or she is looking to completely replace.

Bathtub to Shower Conversion: Just like the title states, we will remove the bathtub and create a brand new shower enclosure.

New Construction Shower Enclosure: Whether a brownstone is being renovated or your new home is being built, we will create a beautiful new shower enclosure or bathtub enclosure for your bathroom.

Types of Shower Enclosures

brass shower doorsThese days, consumers have a wide assortment of unique shower enclosures to choose from. At Brooklyn Shower Doors, we only use high quality materials made and fabricated in the USA. Rest assured that from start to finish, all work will be supervised by the owner. This includes measurement, delivery and installation. Before we begin any project, our designer will help you craft the perfect design for your home. Most of our glass is fabricated within 10 days so you won’t have to worry about a long turnover.

If you already have a fairly new shower enclosure or a setup that’s in excellent condition but may need repair, we carry replacement parts. Just like the glass we use, our parts are of high quality and affordable. While our main goal is your overall satisfaction, we’re also very well versed in helping you choose the perfect shower enclosure to accent your existing surroundings. We have practically every type of shower door system available.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures

steam shower door systemIf your in need of space, this is an excellent setup. Quadrant shower doors are rounded an open around the shower in order to preserve space. They usually fit neatly into the corner of the bathroom.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

For the best in elegance, you may be interested in a frameless shower door. These lack any of the traditional metal you would see around a framed shower enclosure. The glass panels are held in place by metal hinges.

Aluminum & Glass Shower Enclosures

polished brass shower door systemOur aluminum framed showers are rust-free and very easy to maintain or clean. They’re an affordable, great way to add an updated look to your bathroom.

Glass Block

The clean and contemporary looks of our glass block shower enclosures put them in high demand. The many benefits to be had from this type of enclosure include increased privacy, low amount of cleaning/maintenance due to patterns along each block of glass, and long lasting durability. We can stack these blocks straight or bring in curved glass to suit all of your design needs.


shower doors in union square NYCOur Hinge door systems are available in frameless and framed setups. They’re design is highlighted by minimal metal, clean lines and a modern look. We can custom cut glass panels as per your needs. Customized metal finishes are also available.

Sliding Shower Enclosures & Doors

These are some of the most common, basic types of shower enclosures. You’ll get affordability and high quality materials out of any sliding shower enclosure we install.

Pivot Frameless

Backed up by intelligent engineering, place all of the design emphasis on the glass door. Structural support is concentrated on upper and lower pivots which make for a truly elegant system. Weight is also naturally distributed along tiles.


These types of showers simply having one or two doors that fold in half in order to allow access inside. The doors are hinged together in the center to maximize the closet type opening.

Dual Entrance Shower Enclosure & Door

If you’ve got the space, why not go for a dual entrance shower enclosure? These are some of the most luxurious, open, and convenient enclosures we can create. They also may be ideal for a handicapped bathroom.

90 Degree

Shower Cabins

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